Game Development Services
What can we offer?

Red Forest Interactive has been working with developing Games and Interactive Media since the beginning of 2017. With its three founders having years of industry experience ranging from large budget large scope projects to small indie titles, we are comfortable jumping into any size project or task. We have a company philosophy of work smart, work fast, and iterate which drives us to deliver the best results possible under strict deadlines.


Work Smart


Work Fast



Technical Consultation

Sometimes a project needs an extra pair of hands getting it release ready or there is an urgent technical issue to be resolved. Whatever the problem we are ready to help resolve the issue and get the project on track again. This could involve help with programming or providing some tools your development team requires.

Asset Creation

Good quality content and assets are hard to create. If you need help creating some art assets or improve your animations we can help deliver these to bring up the level of polish your game might need. We can provide you with both 2D and 3D content creation including asset design, animation and implementation into projects.

Sprites and Spritesheets

We can work from concepts or briefs in order to bring your imagined asset to life. We work smart, work fast and iterate in order to deliver you the asset you need with the technical specifications you require.

3D Modelling

We have the ability to deliver high quality fully textured models in the style you require ready for implementation. We work with both high and low poly and are comfortable creating any range of models stretching from environment to characters. For more information visit our 3D modelling and Animation services.

3D Animation

Does your environment, prop or character need a little more life? We offer a full set of 3D animation services including rigging, hand keyed animation, mocap cleaning, retargeting and design of animation state machines. For more information visit our 3D modelling and Animation services.