Tap-a-Paca is a platforming game where the player must master a single yet important aspect, timing. The main character of the game is an Alpaca that needs to jump it’s way through the clouds and the objective is to get as far as possible.

The game is designed to be very simple to play with a single input required, a tap. The input will tell the paca to jump, and each jump will be identical to the previous. So with that in mind, where’s the challenge?

Well that is all in the clouds, quite literally. Each cloud is designed to move in a certain pattern which the player will have a specific allotted time to understand and then execute their action on. The time requirement comes from the Alpaca’s unfortunate tendency to slowly fall through the cloud it’s standing on.

So random cloud movements and sinking Alpaca’s, starting to sound difficult? Well we didn’t mention that for every successful cloud you land on the speed of both the cloud you stand on and movement speed of the cloud you need to jump on increase. Suffice to say we think triple digit scores will only be achieved by the true masters.

Skins and hats... all the hats

As for additional content? The game will ship with unlockable skins and wearables for the Alpaca. All of these skins and wearables will be unlockable by earning in game currency. For those who just can’t wait to dress their awesome Alpaca Alter-ego we are including some microtransactions.

What kind of tech?

What tech has gone into the game? In order to make the experience as unique as possible we have created a real time cloud generation system which will create each cloud as you reach it. With this generation we have also bundled our difficulty control scheme which controls the clouds movement speed but also what movement patterns are accessible to the player currently. This enables to not only make the generation of clouds feel more variable and fluid, but also gives us control over the difficulty during the player’s game.

What else? We also have a couple of currently shelved features that may return depending on the response we get from the community. These features include a weather system that will change the background and by proxy effect the jump characteristics of the Alpaca. This system is currently designed to accommodate weather such as rain, storms, and snowfall.

Q4 2017: iOS and Android

The game is scheduled to release in Q4 of 2017 for both iOS and Android. It will be released for free with Ad implementation, however any microtransaction made will remove these Ads from the player’s game.

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