We are proud to announce our very own first project “Outfox”

We have been hard at work on “Outfox” for the last few months and feel we are ready to start showing some glimpses of the progress we have made so far.The game is set in a cyberpunk Megalopolis which is filled with robots determined to catch our intrepid fox protagonist. The fox with his arsenal of weapons and gadgets attempts to outfox his would be pursuers.

“Outfox” is a procedural endless runner with a focus on reaction based platforming and customization of play styles through the use of abilities and weapons.The game will have hundreds of achievements to unlock and boasts twenty different difficulties. There are several different enemy types with all unique attacks.

The game’s release is planned for Autumn 2017, we will be updating the game’s page with more information and progress in the coming months.It will be initially coming out onto Android and iOS devices. Depending on its popularity we plan on creating a PC version with even more content and features.

Below are some of the work in progress models and screenshots of the game.

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