Animal Control
Animal Control

What is Animal Control?

During the initial months of our formation we have been working on an education game focused on teaching about ecosystems and population limits. The game is a strategic ecosystem simulator in a pixel art style. The objective of the game is for the students to try and place habitats of various animals within range of their food source. The game teaches the delicate balance between prey, predator and plants. The game also features an original soundtrack and questions that explicitly test and reward students for their observations whilst they are playing the game.

Where is it being released?

Animal control will be available to students on the Legends of Learning platform. Legends of Learning is a Washington DC based company which is aiming at providing a vast array of educational game experiences to American students. Their aim is to make the classroom more engaging an a productive place by introducing an interactive medium. Their current focus is on the Science part of the curriculum.

What’s next?

Animal Control has now been launched on the Legends of Learning platform as of mid March and will now be available for teachers to add to their curriculum. We are excited to see how students and educators alike will respond to our game and continue to keep a close eye on its performance. The game was designed for tablets and mobile devices. We really enjoyed working on this project and we are excited to be working on some new projects.

  • Client Legends of Learning
  • Engine Unity 3D
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