3D Modeling and Animation

Together we have multiple years experience within the 3D environment. We can deliver quick modelling prototypes as well as fully finished and polished models. More over we offer 3D animation services to help you get your game to the visual quality it deserves. For more information please contact us, using the form below, with your needs and requirements and we will give you a detailed plan as to how and with what we can help.

3D Modelling

With over six years experience within 3D modelling, we offer a wide range of low and high poly assets, from stylized cartoon all the way to semi realism.

Offering a full pipeline for asset creation we can cover all the phases and can make assets from scratch to implementation.

Utilizing the Maya software suite, we can provide props, environments and characters, fully textured using the Substance Painter software.


When it comes to rigging we have experience with full body rigging for high quality animation which can be used in cutscenes.

We have developed systems which automate facial animation but also systems which make hand keyed facial and body animation much simpler for the animators.

Our solutions our tailored to your needs whether you work with hand keyed animation or motion capture devices.

3D Animation

We can offer you services in hand keyed 3D animation or mocap animation. In regards to mocap animation we have the ability to take raw recorded data and process this, clean and re-target in order to deliver a finalized animation file for your team to use.

Our specialty is within facial animation where with developed techniques and practices our work results in high quality facial animation which stand out in cutscenes or dialogue heavy moments.